Painting works

Company “GTS Group” offers painting works according to ISO 12944 standard. We have experience of working on the objects of different difficultness.
Company has own modern apparatus: DINAMIC – electric and diesel compressors of high pressure, CLEMCO ( , sand-inkjet machines, processing standards Sa 2 ½ \. GRACO ( airless spray painting machines, anti-corrosive and fireproof paints for covering surfaces. DEFLESKO ( paint has inspector of thickness, determining adhesion on the paint surface, determining humidity temperature and a lamination period, determining quality of abrasive processing. All machines are certified and calibrated.

Monitoring and transparency

During the project ongoing, quality of provided work is checked on each stage, one provides necessary expert services, writes reports, as a result of which after ending the works, we have monitoring of full ongoing process and well-grounded expertise conclusions.