Industrial electrostatic air purification

TRION T-Series models are the ideal option for smoke and steam in diesel exhaust gas, oily fog, tobacco smoke, aerosols, bacteria, some viruses, polyethylene, rubber, plastic industries, fats and steam, microscopic dust and other To clean atmospheric contamination.

The T-series models can cleanse the polluted air and bring clean air in the building, winter heating and reduction of air conditioning costs.


  • Permanent Electrostatic Cell - No need to change, just wash the detergent Forever Filter ™ Additionally, wrap and hang in place.
  • The ionization and filter collection sections are combined to facilitate the collection of particles
  • Ionizing plate - to reduce the cost of teeth - services and replacement costs
  • High efficiency - up to 99.9%, for particles up to 0.01 micron
  • Low Static Resistance - Work Process 10 times the cost of electric energy consumed by the ventilator, compared to tissue filters
  • Hole to get a fat, oily fog and steam beneath the model
  • Ceramic isolator - to increase the reliability of the filter
  • A simple set of easy-to-use performance for air cleaning, since the model has a modular design