Commercial electrostatic air purification systems

Since 1947 Trion has secured qualified products for the commercial, industrial and residential markets, which are specially elaborated for providing clean, safe and comfort atmosphere air in the building.

Reliable work, product of high quality and perfect service with the customers is the most important for our long success.
Trion has elaborated level of technical knowledge, which gives us opportunity to create innovative products and economically profitable decisions, to serve our customers in solving the problems of air cleaning all over the world. You can find our products at home, offices, factories, clubs, hospitals and marine ships and so on.

Trion’s head office is located in Sanford, in the North Caroline State, which produces some products in the specialized object of 263,000 square foot. Also the head office is located in Envirco, being a leading well- known company, which produces the air cleaning products all over the world for those industries, which need ultra-clean environment.

Currently Trion IAQ is the branch of Johnson Controls Inc. (JCI) Building Technologies & Solutions (BT&S) brand. Along with Koch Filter, Trion IAQ and Envicro create air filtrating group in JCI. JCI is a leader of globally multi-local technologies and multi-industry, which serves a wide range of customers in more than 150 countries of the world.