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Geo Trans Service LLC was established in 2008. This is the only company in South Caucasus successfully carrying out of specific services such as a repairment, anticorrosive, send-blasting cleaning and special painting of any kind of metal and concrete constructions.

The advantage of the company is professional human resource and years of experience.

High qualified engineers, constructors and electricians team allows us to take responsibility on provision guaranteed quality repair services on such metal constructions which is 40-50 years old, they are neither produced any more, nor its spare parts are available.

Also, GTS offers electronic networks and boxes installation which meets all up-to-date standards.

Geo Trans Service LLC became Official Distribution Company of Hempel materials in the territory of Georgia in the beginning of 2014. Thus, the company offers exclusive terms on provisioning marine, container, protective coatings for the veriety of industries: shipbuilding, marine, oil and gaz production, cunstruction, pharmacy, etc.

GTS is an Official Representative of Trion IAQ (Indoor Air Quality) in Georgia, Azerbaijan and Armenia. The company offers modern, high technological air purification systems to various specified companies and establishments. Trion air cleaners are specially for restaurant, cafes, bars, hotels, hospitals, offices, etc. Trion is used wherever kitchen, tobacoo, medical or other manufacturing smoke, smell and dust appear. Trion equipments ensure: NO smell, NO smoke, NO air pollusion.

The company distributes HEPA and ULPA filters produced by ENVIRCO, a daughter company of Trion IAQ. The filters ensure ultra qualiry of air purification for hospitals in surgery rooms, laboratories, in production of medical devices, nanotechnologies, etc.

As of special painting service provider, Geo Trans Srevice has performed number of projects for Batumi International Container Terminal since 2011 year, this is one of the largest clients of the company. The last project performed is: Special Painting of Gottwald Crane with Hempel Industrial coatings - May-June, 2014.

Contact person: Eka Sichinava, +995 577 29 22 29.

About company

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